The Music That Moves You

Do you have a song that brings back a memory when you hear it? Maybe it was your first dance together or your graduation song? Share your story with Melissa and we might share your song with everyone.

Here’s a great example from one of our listeners:

Tom Cochrane “Life is a Highway” (Dave)

Life is a Highway is a song that takes me back to the Summer of 1991 every time I hear it it reminds me not of the movie “Cars,” but of when my parents piled us in the back of a station wagon and we vacationed at a beach house they had rented for a week.  Being from the desert, going to the beach was something we didn’t do much.  I remember having the greatest time barbecuing, boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean.   On the way home my dad who is not known for his great driving skills and overall motor vehicle better judgment strapped all of our boogie boards to the luggage rack.  When we got on the freeway the force of the wind snapped the bungee chords and the boogie boards were strewn across the interstate.  My dad quickly pulled to the side and jumped through traffic like Frogger to pick up the debris.  Fortunately no one crashed and we all lived to tell the tale.

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